Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I've been busy crocheting

I'm planning on making a weather mobile, maybe more like a universe mobile, and it has three layers: the top has a sun, a moon, and a star; the middle has a white and a gray (bluish) cloud, and maybe a rainbow, or not; the bottom has a raindrop, a lightning bolt, and a bird. I contemplated a snowflake, but no. A bird.
This is what I have done:

Um... the pictures don't want to load. I will try again later. I made up all the patterns except the cloud, which i may remake. Ask for any pattern.

there we go.

I am also crocheting all my friends mini amigurumi keychains, just because. I am giving them all screen names:
For Wanda, I made a snail. It's the only one I started. (I kinda sorta based it off the idea of this one:

Henrietta is getting a heart (maybe this one if I figure it out:

Skye is getting a purple monkey (probably my earlier-mentioned pattern),

I'm making Sarah a turtle, Cynthia an... i don't know (she's my twin), and Barbara a little dress, maybe?(she likes fashion and stuff.)

I guess I have to make myself something... Meh. The mobile. :)
Sorry for such a long post,

Friendly Stalkers :)

So my friend sent this lovely creature after me to stalk me after I said I was stalking her via email, and so I set off to create one for myself. I present you with a crab made from keyboard characters!
Comment and let me know which you like best!

(v) .    . (v)
  | (     ) |
 , , ,    , , ,

. .   .      .  . .
(v) (      ) (v)
|  . . .   . . . |
um... he got a little (lot) messed up. so i guess you probably like the top one. there was another one i made in my email, but i'm too lazy to go get it.

feel free to use them, i'd like to start seeing them.

Your friend of Christ