Saturday, June 18, 2011

Puffballs and Such

So, I was going to create a puffball with wings, but it turned out to be a puffball with a pom pom on her head. Her name is Tommiie. Don't ask why. :)
Anyway... Here she is.

With a head of hair...

...And with a complete furry... aura.

I am also working on a weather mobile, which I will explain in my next post, along with a bunch of patterns. Oh, here is the pattern for this puffy creature (or a large hackysack :D):

Tommiie the furry puffball
You will need a crochet hook (I used an F hook, and crocheted tightly)
And a round marker (to mark the end of rounds, a paper clip or safety pin, etc. works)
And yarn, normal and furry.
 And a brain, and eyes, and stuff. :)

Ch 4, join with sl st
1.       Sc 6 into 2nd ch from hook
2.       2 sc in ea around (12)
3.       *1 sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc* around (18)
4.       * 1 sc in next 2 sc, sc 2 in next sc* around (24)
5.       *1 sc in next 3 sc, sc 2 in next sc* around (30)
6.       *1 sc in next 4 sc, sc 2 in next sc* around (36)
7.       Sc in ea (36)
8.       Sc in ea (36)
9.       Sc in ea (36)
10.   Sc in ea (36)
11.   Sc in ea (36)
12.   Guess (sc in ea) (36)
13.   Sc in ea (36)
14.   *1 sc in next 4, sc dec* around (30)
15.   *1 sc in next 3, sc dec*around (24)
16.    Sc in ea (24)
17.   *1 sc in next 2, sc dec* around (18)
18.   *1 sc in next sc, sc dec* around (12)
19.   Sc dec in ea (6)
20.   Fasten off and weave in end (or not, I don’t bother), you’re done! Well, with the base.
21.   Then, I took orange super soft fuzzy stuff, and crocheted around the outside, and skipped a row for the eyes, and ended like two thirds down or something.
22.   My sister embroidered little carat (or however you spell that) (^  ^) eyes onto it.
23.   Don’t forget to make a small pom pom and sew it to its head (if it’s a girl, or think of something better, if it’s a guy. Or make up wings.)

Please leave a comment with a picture if you try it!

Oh yeah, and feel free to leave comments on what I should crochet, I never have any idea what to make. Chances are, I will try it.

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--Matthew 5:14