Friday, January 27, 2012

Mission Accomplished: Hat

I finally made the second flower, jamming along to Tonight by TobyMac as I made and remade it. I have em' both now, and am sewing them on the hat right... now. :D
The second flower I modified from the 6-petal flower motif (here [with a free account]) on Lion Brand's site, so I will post the pattern at the end...

This is what it looks like:

With the other flower:

On the hat:

All sewn on:

The Pattern:
Using an F hook
Worsted weight acrylic yarn (or any yarn you want, really)
Mine is about 2.5" (6.5 cm) across.

Abbreviations/ Stitches:
ch- chain
dc- double crochet
sc- single crochet
sp- space

Now, The Pattern:
Ch 6, sl st in first ch to form ring

Rnd 1: dc in ring, ch 4, *(2 dc in ring, ch 4) repeat from * 5 times.  -- 6 petals.

Rnd 2: sl st in first dc; *(2 sc, 2 dc, 2 sc) in ch-4 sp, sl st in 2nd dc, repeat from * in ea ch-4 sp. leave a long tail for sewing, if needed, and tie off.
Comment with any problems, suggestions, or comments in general.

Also, earlier today, I was looking at adaiha's blog (, and I love what she'd doing! She's making a granny square a day, and they're all so pretty!

This just reminded me of a graphic designer (I enjoy graphic designing) that is doing a MN lake a day: :D

Anyway... I noticed the woven circles trivet tutorial (under her tutorial section) and loved it... but mostly, I'm inspired by her granny square a day! I'd never be able to do one a day, I don't think. ... But I was thinking that I was going to make a granny square afghan after-- or during-- this afghan that I'm making now (the ripples).
P.S. On my ripple blanket: I found a group from that blog I liked, Attic24, and I joined it... Attic24 & Little Tin Bird Ripple-Along

(written a long time ago and somehow not posted... hope there wasn't a reason?? here it is....)

New Year, Yarn, and the usual I'm Back

I haven't been on for a ... long time. I'd think I would've made a resolution to blog more.
But it would have failed.
So... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Not much new crochet. I plan on starting plenty of amigurumi, for all my teachers. But I have to start.
I took out my (giant pink) knitting needles (only ones I know the location of...), and I can remember!! (I learned [before crochet] when I was like 8, but... didn't stick with it.) I finally took the time to actually learn to purl (I like purling...), and I happened to see somewhere how to decrease. And so, I have progressed in my knitting skill level. The yarn I'm using is super super chunky and pink, and just 15 stitches across is around a foot. It's super chunky and I love it!! :D