Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Still Quilting

 Here are the pictures of my blocks:
Sorry About the shadow...

and it's going to be checkered with solid blue or green or something (don't have the cloth yet),
so it will look something like this, minus the confusing (& awesome) rug squiggles:

Also, I finished the body to my crochet earflap hat, and started a flower for the side of it today.

It looks better when I'm not posing for a bunch of pictures, but it will look awesome with the blue flower. I will share when I get that done. And I will continue the search for a non-human (or a non-me-human...) model.


Hi, after a long break!
 You didn't know I quilted too, did you? Well, I don't really....
 Anyway... today, I brought back out my quilt I started a while back, after a girl scout class. It is very simple, and it is green and blue. Right now I have to finish a part, so I will upload some pictures soon as possible. It will probably be the only quilt I do in a long time, at least. I guess I'll stick to afghans :D