Sunday, October 16, 2011


I just realized that I haven't exactly posted much amigurumi of my own, but I made this doll a while back, and I don't exactly have all her limbs yet (running-out-of-yarn dilemma), and she needs a bit more hair. And the rest of her face (a mouth). And I was making a dress for her... that I can't do much with until she has limbs on, so... *sigh*
Yeah, I kinda forgot about her. But I think I'll go get some more yarn for her, and finish her up!!
  Oh, Yeah! The wings, there, are because she's gonna be a fairy! :D

ps don't think she's creepy or morbid or whatever cuz she has half a body. :)

Crochet Blogs

I really like all of the crochet blankets at, they're all so bright... and finished.
I'm working on it, but today I'm just getting closer to the first time around on the pattern (it's a long pattern... [blue blue green blue green green, pink pink orange pink orange orange in case you were wondering])
Anyway, check out her blog. Also, for amigurumi, I like
Of course, I try to make mine enjoyable, but, you know... I try. :D

If you're reading this, thanks for visiting, I appreciate it (and feel free to comment :D)