Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mission Accomplished!!

I finished the main part of my quilt, minus the edges and back. Of course I will post another picture when I finish that... but here is the... body of it:

^the finished [checkered], whole darn thing^
 ^The new pattern: dragonflies!!^
 ^Same old quilt block^
They both sat around for some time,
but the afghans definitely take me longer.

Update on the hat:
Yes, you thought I was done with that. I sewed on the smaller flower (the big one was too big; it will probably go to a friend who "doesn't get enough crochet from me"), and am making a new, even smaller one... tonight, maybe. Again/like always, I will post a picture when I'm there.

P.S. If you didn't notice, I also accomplished getting each color on my afghan :D
(Aqua, Fern, Magenta, Pumpkin)