Thursday, June 23, 2011

Toys for Friends

As I mentioned, I was making my friends all little keychain sized (or not) amigurumi animals, and now I have it more figured out. So, update (I also edited their names, so don't bother to figure it out yet):

Amelia was given a roly poly cat

I am almost finished with Wendy's snail,

Skye is getting a purple monkey still,

Cynthia is still undecided, because she is my twin, probably a penguin, or a hedgehog,

Henrietta is getting either a heart, or an eighth note, or both together,

and finally Annie is getting either a Yoda doll, or a dress.

Thanks for reading my kinda-not-exciting-posts so far, for anyone who actually does read it, and don't forget to leave your comments :) ,

These amigurumi pieces are not mine, after that snail. :)